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The world’s biggest Lego Store

During November 2016, the world’s biggest ever LEGO Store opened in London, Lester. It was the 131st LEGO store to open around the world. The opening was marked by the unveiling of a 6-meter-high 200,000 brick Big ben. This masterpiece took 2,280 hours to build and dominates two stories of the 914-square meter store in Lester square. It also features a working clock face that will be illuminated at night.

The opening also included the unveiling of a new LEGO mascot called Lester. The shop features models of a dragon, a Royal post-box, the Elizabeth tower and much more. The creations on display together weigh five tonnes and are made from 1.7 million bricks.

Premfloor Southern completed a prestige terrazzo resin floor for the amazing LEGO shop. The floor consisted of three colours, separated by a stainless-steel trim and a mixture of yellow crushed glass on the main body of the floor. The work included two floors of 540m2 and Premfloor asked us to help with the grinding and laying of the finished floor. So, head down to the World’s largest LEGO store to check out our work!

Runshaw college reception

Runshaw college is based in Leyland, it was established as a sixth form college in 1974 and is now ranked one of the most successful colleges in the UK.

They decided for the start of a new term they wanted a new reception area for the staff and students. So, we did this for them! The floor area is 500m2 of Altro screed quartz in pearl including the stairways, access ramps and the two circular features in kyanite to create contrast between it and the colour of the main floor.

This flooring system is very easy to clean, while also being hard wearing, and is finished with a non-slip surface. This is ideal for the thousands of student’s feet that will walk through the reception every day and helps to minimise accidents.

Welshpool Cattle Market

The queen and Prince Phillip have officially opened the largest cattle market in Europe, and we did the reception floor!

The original reception floor was concrete and hard to keep clean aftermarket days. So, Altro Resins Ltd brought us in to fix this. Our goal was to deliver a hard wearing, functional surface that also had an aesthetic appearance.

The outcome of this became a stunning 320m2 Altro Mosaic providing a non-slip, easy to clean and decorative finish, perfect for the royal visit.

None-Slip Problem Fixed At BASF

BASF are a chemical manufacturing company. They have 9 manufacturing sites across the UK and were established in 1880, when they opened the first BASF sales offices in London and Manchester. The first record of sales was also in Great Britain in 1883.

BASF company follow four key values: Creative, Open, Responsible and Entrepreneurial. There moto is “We create chemistry”. They had an issue with 1500m2 of slippery floor that could potentially be dangerous, due to one of the products that was used during the manufacturing process.

We knew the answer to the problem, which was to diamond grinding the existing surface, then apply a coat of high build epoxy resin blinded with medium aggregate, then sealed with another coat of epoxy high build finish. We carried the work out over two weeks without any disruption to manufacturing.

The finishing product is a hard waring and non-slip surface. This solved the issue of the health and safety of trips and slips in their workplace.

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